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BBC Words First - Apples and Snakes 2022

Featuring the 2022 BBC Words First Cohort from Apples and Snakes (in no particular order): Theo Ioannou, Anneliese Amoah , Nigeen Dara , Ronke Jane Adelakun , Adham Nazir , Annaliese Broughton, Yemi Yohannes, Noah Jacob , Jay Mitra , Eve Atkinson , Ingrid McLaren, Charlie Staunton, Moses Ssebandeke , Matt Sowerby , Claire Beerjeraz and Billie Partridge-Naudeer.

Hosted by Deanna Rodger and Adam Kammerling.

Keep in touch and keep supporting each other. Head over to Young Identity to check out their 2022 showcase.

Watch more spoken word poetry content via our video gallery:


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