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No Longer A Caterpillar: The Documentary

No Longer A Caterpillar a documentary that showcases the journey of Spoken Word artist Telixia Inico.

Through this documentary she captures the ins and outs of what it takes to grow within the artistry. This thought provoking, entertaining & mind blowing documentary explores the importance of collaboration, relationship building and being consistent.

Telixia felt compelled to document the entire process of creating her latest project 'Educating The Masses' available to stream here

She hope's you enjoy it and inspires you to keep pursuing your dreams. Follow Telixia Inico on IG here:

CREDITS Creative Director - Telixia Inico

Directed & Filmed by - Kayla White Produced by - Kayla White

Edited by - Kayla White

Camera Operators - Kayla White

Featured interviews - A.M.P (Matik), Kreative 1988, Daniel Justine, Amanda Star, Km Scribbles, Rico Inico, Myles 'Bouncer' Harris & Martha Hung


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